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Don  Paco

Hey! Great dubiosity here! How about a Flagrancy requiem for Raps 2k6/2k7?

Don Paco

Hey you got linked by TrueHoop - you'll be gettin a ton of new readers.

Perfect time to add some new postage, eh?

If he was around for the Kevin O'Neill era, Keon would have never gotten away with this...

Clark, 32, of Danville, said in Vermilion County Circuit Court on Friday that he is an alcoholic and was drinking a half pint to a pint of gin daily when he was playing pro basketball.

"I never played a game sober, unfortunately," said Clark, who last played for the Utah Jazz and Phoenix Suns.

Clark said in court that he started drinking in high school and, after he was drafted in the NBA by the Orlando Magic in 1998, he drank at games during halftime.

"It just never stopped," he said.

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