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Don Paco

Dude. Great to have (one of you) back. Don't know what time in the day you posted this, but that series is beginning to look like a top 10 dubiosity moment...

Michael Fancy

Good to have you back. I was missing your fine tragic comedies.

As for Dubious moments, Chuck and his red shirts are begging to be mentioned. just begging for it. Don't let him down.

Screw the Nets!


glad to see you working you lazy bastard! I can't believe I still check up on your page, sighing wistfully as the same page loads...for two months!!! (yara yara get a life bla bla) LOL
If the Raps win this series, the curse of years past will be lifted and we'll be given a clean slate...should we loose we remain stuck in each shit-sucking step. If you can't believe you gotta at least hope! I'm telling you, and Crowfoot's little incantation is on the money on that. Good to see you back...PS The dude that injured Garbo intentionally slammed him to the floor...see the shirt pulling and how he shifts his weight onto Garbo...it's very clear if you pause the clip and view it stop-motion like...BELIEVE! (or are the legal drugs getting you paranoid!)

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