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Awesome...we should never had put our hopes on that Momma's boy. Many of us knew he was a pussy right from his first playoff appearance, but for some reason the media and franchise rallied around him, ignoring his MANY acts of extreme I'll-always-have-my-momma-to-hug-and-do-whatever-she-says ness...VC, I cherish every beat down you get in the playoffs; and it was priceless seeing you almost cry at the foul-line after being man-handled by the Heat. I'm glad the world is on to you and they know you for what you are, a big PUSSY.


that day is still very vivid. i was in detroit visiting relatives, and the afternoon of that fabulous game 7, vince shows up on ESPN getting his diploma. my cuz turns to me and says "man, if y'all lose the game today, he's gonna take all the shit for going to his grad."

five years later...

Don Paco

What did he graduate in anyway? Pussyness with a minor on Wimpy Sciences?


hmm, i thought it was a double-major in Whining and Faking, and a masters in Copping Out. close enough ;)

The Blue Baller

Those all counted towards his Masters in Vaginal Arts.


Hey guess what ho ass bitches on this site complainin about Vince get over it the nigga graduated college, was and will be the best player in the history of the Raptor's, I'm pretty glad he pissed on y'all bitch ass country and left y'all ass out in the cold and ya lucky Bosh re-signed or there wouldn't be a team in Canada matter of fact that probably don't even matter cuz who the fuck is Chris Bosh but anutha good player that only makes himself look good on the stat sheet

The Blue Baller


I'm guessing ya'll didn't graduate from college and earn anutha bitch ass degree. Again, just a ho ass guess.


Mr.Vinsane, if Bosh is only a player that makes himself look good on a scoresheet then, how can you claim to like Vince Carter? Wait a second... is this Antawn Jamison?


Hey Oak, didn't you miss a wide open layup that could put Toronto up one in that game 7?



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