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Dude this is pretty funny stuff, but I know you are faking the spanish thing. Its obvious you have a good command of the english language, buts its cool, iam latino too so party on dude!
Do you only hate the knicks or is it any team that plays the mighty raptors?
I will be back later dude!

bleacher creature

Awesome stuff bro. I hate the Knicks as well and Im from New York. I gave your blog a plug on a forum (I dont know if its okay with the owner if I say the name of the forum).


Hello All Disgusted, Miserable, Die-Hard Knick Fans,

Sunday December 30th 2007
11:00 AM (Noon Game)

Protest in front of MSG to OUST ISIAH.
The time has come to raise our voices.

Knicks vs. Bulls (Sure to be another pitiful loss!)

email: [email protected]

Step up and push to get Isiah removed!

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