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Don Paco

Great stuff, but can you cut the Los Baller Azul schtick? It gets old quickly. And your Spanish sucks.

And also: Pape Sow, 40 and 14. That's 40 points. About 38 points more than Hoffa's season totals. And yeah, he was playing against the Fort Worth Flyers, but them Flyers' D can't no worse than the Celtics', huh?

Uno of Los Ballers Azul, The Greatest Masked Mexican Basketballers of All-Time

Of course my Spanish sucks! In my native Chihuahua I could only afford to attend the School of Hard-Knocks not a fancy prep school like Oak Hill Academy. I will work harder to earn your respect, mi amigo. Gracias for the "great stuff" part. I liked that.


For what it's worth, I dig the Los Ballers Azul. They smite the world of hoops jobbers!


Los Baller stuff is getting old...It's just a matter of time before you bust out the Eddie Guererro "I'm Your Papi".

The Blue Baller's writing style is easy to read. I have been a blueballer.com reader from it's inception.

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