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Matt McCready

I dont know if you're going to hell, but you can bet it'll be the last time I visit this page.

Photoshopping jokes directed towards drowning victims and their families is terrible, it's the worst man.

I'm a 23 year old Canadian, have no attachment to any of the events that went down there. But hey man, if innocent people drowning is the best thing you can think of to slam a basketball team, well keep on writing man, maybe you'll get somewhere someday.

Again; weak.

The Blue Baller

It was the life vest, or encouraging the crowd to do the wave.

Tough call.

Reggie Bush

Quit crying....or go home.


in the words of Tucker Max... if you can't take a joke, then f*ck you.


Matt McReady needs to cry, let's give him some space. And please be gentle, he's retarded.

Rob Brown

McReady's retarded, arsenal? No, anybody who laughed at this shit is retarded. What's next man, Holocaust jokes?

Matt McCready

Yeah, I've calmed down a bit but if you're going to joke about something tragic it better be a homerun.

Then again I guess if you've never seen PhotoShop in action this could be considered hilarious.

I guess the desired response is 'Yeah they sure could've used those lifejackets when they were drowning. That's funny'.

I wouldn't say the joke was 'Robot Chicken' funny or even 'South Park' funny. But it's definitely comparable to the average 'outrageous Bob Sagat standup routine' kind of funny.

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