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phucking awesome ending, #51 should be the carter back to toronto next year nonsense if you wanted to continue it.


Good list. I really enjoyed re-living this disaters on this list. Great job of bringing down my expectations for the Raps this season and into the future.


Kudos on a great list!! Hilarious stuff...I didn't even see #1 coming.


I submitted "The Fightin' Caribou of Toronto" as an entry for the franchise name game. This whole website has been sweet revenge for my bitterness over having my submission rejected.


Holy mother of god. I predicted this would be the number 1 dubious moment - see the comments under dubious moment #2. What's my prize?

Kudos on doing a marvelous job. I can't believe how horrible the last decade has been as a raps fan. Isn't it rather dubious that there have been so many dubious moments? How eerie...


A Raptor is also a bird of prey...maybe over time we can transition to that?

Well done guys.


Great job on the list. The naming of the team was too obvious, hence, I didn't see it coming, again, great job.


Yes, I'm hoping that the team eventually makes that transition (a Raptor can also be a bandit as well). The problem would be that we'd have to change the mascot. That would suck because the Raptor mascot has been the only thing this franchise has done perfectly. He and the Phoenix Gorilla are the best in the league by far.


You are awesome BB...I am biased in that I don't mind the name, actually I think "Raptor" and\or "Raptors" SOUNDS VERY COOL INDEED. I agree with the whole money grab behind it, at the time, was very shitty and worthy of dubiosity. Kind of fitting too, that things would start that way. Hopefully the franchise will grow and shed its inclination to produce such "magic" moments as the 50 you've listed. Raptors has grown on me, I've long forgotten Jurassic Park. I hope that's a sign of things to come. Oh, and I hope somebody slaps Peddie with a used diaper during a game.

Don Paco

What a truly, truly monumental work the 50 dubious moments was. If this was printed in a book, I'd buy it. More, please!

And in conclusion, I'd totally support a team named the Toronto Beavers.


please. I read this column for near 3 months to find out that the team name is your #1 pick.

I like the name. Who cares that a movie that was the inspiration. The movie is gone as is, for the most part, the bad logo. We are left with a team named after a vicious predator, with an awesome claw print logo, and a good name for fan chanting. It is not like they called the team the Jurassic Parks.

When you look at the 30 names and take away the bad team names and names that would not work for Toronto, I would only pick Grizzlies and Timberwolves over Raptors.

"I got in right here in my brand new raptor bag."


Ok, the fact that your handle is Raptorville may indicate you're a tad biased. That said, my hatred toward the name and uniform had softened over the years, unitil The Flagrancy remindeded me of its dubiosity: theflagrancy.typepad.com/./photos/uncategorized/olivermiller_originalbarn.jpg

For the love of Pete

I never quite understood why they didn't go with Huskies. I'm not sure what the city's relationship is with Huskies but it was used in the 50's. When Ottawa got hockey back they called themselves the Senators and the when Cleveland got the NFL back they went with Browns. Plus they could sell throwbacks. I can't wait to see people wearing the ugly orignial purple/jagged pinstripes around in 30 years acting like it's cool.


awesome culmination of the past few months. addressing the name just brought everything full circle, to the very beginning of it all. and, throwbacks are already in style. i saw someone wearing a Bosh original home jersey at fanfest. i didn't even know they made them!

great job, very funny stuff


This might be a bit of a stretch, but I think the colour silver relation to Naismith is the fact that he presented the silver medal to Canada when Canada won the silver in the 1936 Olympics, the first time the sport was in the Olympics.



You too can own a throwbck T-Mac jersey...



I remember when the name was announced, a columnist up here in Canada invited us to imagine that it was, instead, 1977. The new TO basketball team wants a name that is fresh. After careful consideration, they select a classic that won't get old: The Toronto Discos.

I thought the name was stupid, but it is growing well. Could have gone local, I guess. The Cabbages.


At least we're not called the Toronto Mcnuggets





ps I voted for Toronto 'Huskies' in a nod to the origins of the NBA. But apparently purple dinosaurs have more to do with Canada. It's all very sad. Can we re-name the team, ala the Washington Bullets/Wizards?


Honestly, lie soemone else said, Jurassic Park is long forgotten, but the Raptor name has grown on me. Raptors were intelligent and hardcore...i wish these guy splayed like Raptors...

Great info, keep up the good posts!

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