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What it boiled down to was we bought Carter out for 10 million and received two 1st round draft picks. Our cap was maxed, our team sucked and we had no draft picks. I think Rob started the painful task of clearing house and I think he set the table for Bob to do what he is doing. In fact, one could argue that Rob did all the dirty work and Bob is getting the credit. Think about it, had Rob not made the picks he made (Slokar, Ukic, Villanueva, Calderon) and freed up cap space we would still be in the mud/shit. Rob did have an image and PR problem, but he should be remembered for having the balls to remove the Carterous tumour and start the healing by clearing the cap (a good chunk of it) and putting us in position to grow through the draft. We should thank Babcock for starting something good here. Also, had Peddie not gotten involved Rob would have waited Mourning out. Rob wasn't afraid to piss off the blind fans who loved Vince, and started changing the culture in the changeroom by bringing good people into it. I think the dubiosity of the trade rests on Carter's and Peddie's shoulders.


who the fuck is Bob?


Bob=Brian Colangelo...


screw that. just ask for the money tonight. ohhhhhh i can't wait for #1...

Don Paco

Awesome. The sheer dubiousity of this moment is colossal. It'll go down in history as perhaps THE worst trade in history.

After all, you have to include Kidney-Boy's buyout and subsequent move to Miami. And that the Williams brothers were not only worthless bit players but also had untradeable contracts.

This trade had it all. I can't wait to see what the no1 dubious moment will be!


I'm betting the most dubious moment is when the Raptors were named "The Raptors." It was dated and ridiculous before the team even played a game, and forever cemented the franchise as a joke to everyone in the media.

We're named after a freaking movie! This is no worse than the Mighty Ducks, and EVERYONE can admit how stupid that name is.


Boiling down this trade, using the transactions that have cascaded out from it the Raptors ended up buying out Vince Carter for $10 million and received Joey Graham, half of Rasho Nesterovic, and 2 second round draft picks.


In other words, Cleveland should buy out Lebron because he's taking up cap space. Ummm I don't think so. Sure Carter was making a lot of money but he deserved it WHEN he actually came to play. It's sad to see such talent wasted on a player like Carter


Don't forget saving a year off Jalen's contract. The priceless comedy of watching Zeke pay $34 million (of someone else's money) for Rose to play somewhere else. All for the love Rolando Balkman.

If Marty York's sources are correct we could get Wince back for a song! Maybe that's holding up #1?


We are having technical difficulties with our man in Amsterdam. In the meantime, please type "I hate Isiah Thomas" into Google and see what happens.


What could be worse than the Carter trade? The mourning buy out? certainly not the name of the team. Hmm. Maybe the shotgun clause affair, when no one wanted the team?


The shotgun clause was kind of covered in our post about Isiah leaving the franchise, and, really, Allan Slaight knew what he was doing. He made a frickin' mint once he sold the team to MLSE.

Scott Carefoot

As horrible as the Carter trade is, I expect that the "Eddy Curry for 2 Knicks first rounders" trade will prove to be far more damaging in the long run. Tyrus Thomas is a man-beast, next year's draft crop is expected to be exceptionally strong, and Eddy Curry remains a fat fuck with a bum ticker. The quintessential quote on Eddy Curry was when a reporter asked Scott Skiles how Curry could improve his rebounding. Skiles said, "Jump."


The Curry trade was indeed terrible but no one thought that the Knicks would be that bad and had the Knicks played to everyone's expectations last year that wouldn't have been the 2nd pick but the 10th pick (Mahmoud Sene). Had New Jersey folded (say because Vince and Jefferson collided in mid-air breaking both of their knees) then the Carter trade might have looked a lot better.



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