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sold out again...but I guarantee a different result.
That is embarassing, of the soul-crushing variety, and another reason why Sam Mitchell should be an assistant coach at best...What sealed it for me was Sam letting Kobe go for 81. I'm sorry, that's unacceptable. Going back to one of your past eloquent postings, we need a Pimp on this team-BAD, AND a real coach (Gene Keddy).


All the Raps need are players that care about winning, and a management that cares about winning (and by management I mean the WHOLE management not just Colangelo and Embry). Yes, I'm talkin' bout Peddie.


I agree, Peddie is a shitbag, and I wish him the worst. BUT, my point was I don't think I can forgive Sam for allowing the 81.


I was at the ACC that day. It didn't take much thought for me prior to the game to figure out what colour shirt I should wear - despite what should have been a conflict of interest; I was born and raised in Toronto, but my family is from Tel Aviv. Usually, I can cheer for both teams without issue since they don't even play in the same league. That game was a rare exception.

On the one hand, Maccabi, pride of Israel, was brimming with the recent notoriety of two straight Euroleague championships. On the other hand, Canada's shame was sulking with recent ignominy of having traded away its disgruntled superstar for a division rival's garbage.

Obviously, I wore yellow and blue. Can you blame me?

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