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amen. amen. A-friggin-MEN.
didnt he also hop on stage during the MMVA's one year with uhh, bow-wow was it? and then he did the crip walk. and then he re-injured his knee. it was a shitty crip walk, anyway.

The Blue Baller

You're thinking of Kevin O'Neill. He was drunk and shirtless onstage at a Bob Seger concert. Challenged the bass player to a leg-wrasslin' match.


rachello is on the money...Vince did jump on the stage and dance with bow wow during the MMVA's...Junkard Dog was there to but was dissed by bow wow (glared at) and got of the stage...Vince looked pretty sharp in a cream suit, can't vouch for the crip walk, if he did it, he's a fucking looser. Blue-baller, I can't say I'm dissapointed, you are too good.


I'd love to see MJ to the running-man with Color Me Badd


And I still defended him at that point. stupid Tin Man.

Heir apparent, not air.


First of all, Carter could have already done his rehabilitation sessions and then gone out to the concert, no?

And second of all, there wouldn't have really been anything wrong with going on stage at the concert and doing a little dance(as long as it was nothing crazy) but he didn't do that.

"No hops for Carter at Nellyville

Contrary to radio reports, injured Raptors superstar Vince Carter did not dance with rapper Nelly and his St. Lunatics crew at the Air Canada Centre Tuesday night.
According to the Star's Raju Mudhar, who reviewed the concert, Carter was only onstage for about a minute.

Carter, recuperating once again from a strained left quadriceps tendon in his knee, autographed the Raptors' Vince Carter jersey Nelly was wearing and threw it into the audience.

Mudhar reports that Carter simply jogged from one side of the stage to another to get the audience's attention, tossed the jersey and then retreated backstage.

Carter, a three-time NBA all-star and 1998-99 rookie of the year, has played in only three of the Raptors' 10 games this season.

The team lost 117-92 in Atlanta last night and is 3-4 without Carter, who missed five games two years ago and 22 games at the end of last season with the same injury."

The Blue Baller

And third of all, he could have actually been doing his rehabilitation exercises on stage.

Thanks for the comment Larry, or should I call you Raju Mudhar...


Air Apparent refers to his Airness, Air Jordan. Heir apparent would be correct also or otherwise, but here the Air Apparent works.

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