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i actually went to that magic game at the skydome when shoppers drug mart sold raptors seats. we also brought two pairs of binoculars to tell who was who.


So you were there for greatest night in Donald Royal's life: 16 points, 8 rebounds versus the Raps. You'll probably tell your grandkids about it.


I would take Butch Carter if talking only about coaching. He led the team to a winning season for the time. He had Vince playing with passion and aggression. It was only his crazy talk away from the court that led to trouble.


Faced with the first playoff series in Raptor history, Butch Carter pretty much imploded. I think he ranks below Lenny.

...in fairness to Sam Mitchell, while I don't like his coaching, I love his player development...see Bosh, Villaneuva...


Also see Joey Graham, Rafael Araujo, etc. Mitchell's a motivator, not a teacher. He got the best out of players like Bosh and Villanueva, because they had talent and needed someone to push them. When it came down to teaching Joey Graham how to dribble or play off the ball, or Araujo how to box out, Mitchell came up empty.

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