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dude, you are hill-larry-oos
Please keep'em coming...you are articulating emotions that us cavemen have hitherto only grunted...dios lo bendiga.
I only ask you be kind to el carnicero Araujo, poor fella (he's crying all the way to the bank LOL)


No really, Hoffa deserved better...I wish him well in Utah. Hopefully he'll discover his pimpitude (a la Oak) there. What could have been had he discovered (rediscovered?) his pimpitude here...sigh.


Since the dubious moment is about el bizco McGrady, (Virolo McGrady to his closest friends) I must say I was one of the rabble who felt he should have stayed and Vince should have gone. But time has proven that the best thing to do would have been to trade BOTH of their selfish, injury-prone asses at that time...Seems has had some truly great talents over the years but has failed to build them, to weave these talents into a greater story...What I'm saying is this franchise needs a spiritual leader, a guru, AN IDENTITY. And IMHO, that identity should be of workmanklike quiet ferocity...I think the fans would really take to it...


...Seems THIS TEAM has had some truly great talents...


Sadly, as I reflect on the notion that we have had some truly great talents over the years, I can't help but realize that the greater story is one of bungling ineptitude, of lack of respect for the game and the fans, and a lack of civic pride on behalf of ownership. In other words, MLSE now has both an NHL AND an NBA team to abuse as a cash cow...sigh.


thank you for that eloquent expose on my ex-favourite raptor.


I was a McGrady fan and I still am. But not so much so that I can't appreciate how bloody hilarious this entry in the 'Dubious Moments' is. "There is no way this can go rong." Brilliant. Thank you.


Fuk T-wack, good we kept carter instead of the ultimate looser in Mcgrady. I will never forget what he said, he said playing in Toronto was like hell. I love VC tough, he should come back...

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