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A classic all the way. Awesome mask. You are truly a champion, a hero, a legend. Viva el Blue Baller!
What corner is Butch panhandling on these days?



Scott F

"What corner is Butch panhandling on these days?" - I think that is harsh. I happened to listen to what Butch had to say over at RaptorBlog radio (one of only 3 Raptors sites I regularly visit and hold in any sort of high regard) and thought it was both entertaining and informative. I for one am looking forward to the next installment.


Yeah, it is a little harsh...but it was meant to be a funny (nasty funny) logical continuation of the meltdown described in the dubious moment. I'm actually glad Butch rode Prozac to a gig on a blog site (LOL, sorry, this isn't coming out right)...I better stop. Please don't take it personally, it's all for jokes, or if you're Irish, for crack. Judging from raptorblog.com Butch does have some gems hidden up his sleeve. Slante.


The slang for "a joke" in Ireland is "crack" (no relation to the drug).

Scott F

Funnily enough I am Irish and it's spelled "craic" not "crack"...but I would have to agree regardless, the craic is mighty here at The Flagrancy!!


I couldn't help myself. RaptorBlog gets a HUGE thumb's up from me.

Alex Marxh

well yah that was a little harsh, i know he isn't panhandling, he is doing quite well for himself. who knows i haven't heard any talk of him going back to coaching... shoot i'll ask him..

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