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Maybe it's a curse: The NBA Gods have punished us for that sad display and we are fated to one dubious moment for every person who heckled the pick. (That part of the article where O'Bannon can't even recognize himself in the kid winning the championship is very sad. But life does go on...long after the stands have emptied).


I was at the Skydome on that fateful day, visiting from NB. I still have the NBA Draft 1995 t-shirt. This was a big deal for me, as I was entering my grade 12 year, and as a huge basketball fan, was excited to see the NBA coming to Canada. I'm sad to say that I was caught up in the boos myself. Turns out that we Canadians didn't know as much as we thought we did about basketball. But of course, we still knew waaaaay more than Rob Babcock.


The talk that day was that Zeke was going to trade up to take, the then unknown, Kevin Garnett. Too bad the talk was wrong.

K.Wright, Toronto

I was there, I ripped on Isaiah, I was wrong

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