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I feel for the Brazilian Beast, that is until I found out he tested positive for Nandro in 2002...so he's a juice monkey to boot. Having said that, it was heartwrenching to see someone who was living his dream (playing in the NBA) become the focal point for fan frustration. A frustration that really goes beyond that word; despair, hatred, seething anger, disappointement, embarassment-all in one...Personally, I think fan frustration was misdirected, instead of being laid on Hoffa I believe fan frustration should have focused on the only constant throughout all the years of shit, embarassment, and stupidity: Richard Peddie.


You'll notice I didn't go too far out of my way to rip Araujo. He was the victim of all of these bad decisions. Had he been the 21st pick of the draft as initially envisioned by the draftniks, nobody would know who he is today. He'd be the Brazilian Michael Bradley.


I did notice that; you are as just and benign as your are wise and funny. Michael who?

Scott F

definitely one of the best "dubious moments" posts!!

I think we can see what a bust he was...his line from Utahs's win over Denver the other night was 10 minutes, 2 points (from freethrows btw), 5 fouls and 4 turnovers...good to know the change of scenery has helped him immensely!!


Thanks for the kudos but writing these posts are easier than you think. It's the Raptors that have provided all this "wonderful" material.


1st ... if you watched the RaptorsTV behind the draft coverage, you would know that Babcock spent the next hour trying to trade for a pick to get Nelson.

2nd ... Take a look at the rest of the 1st round. It was a weak draft.


AJ, aren't you contradicting yourself? If the draft was so weak then why didn't the Raps just pick Nelson with the 8th pick? If the draft is weak, logic says pick the best guy available.

I had hoped what readers took away from this post was just how one bad decision in upper-management(Peddie choosing O'Neill as coach over Grunwald's protests or Peddie taking his sweet ass time selecting a new GM) can reverberate through a series of the next decisions to make.


As a HUGE fan of this site I feel I the need to say that absolutely and unequivocally it's not you dearest BB, it's AJ. I would also like to add that your points are as clear as they are exquisitely humorous and poignant. You are as proliferous with your wit and words as daddy Wilt was with his sperm. And I believe that he is smiling down from heaven as he keeps tabs on you; from all his issue his greatest pride.


Thanks, and all you other readers please take note of Arsenal's comments for the proper way to kiss ass.


B-Huge ... nobody had Nelson in the top 10. I agree taking Hoffa was a dubious moment, just not nearly #6 bad. AI2 would have been nice, but they needed a point and a center. They thought they took the most ready player.

Personally, I think the worst dubious moment of that summer was not trading carter after it was clear during the weekend of the charity game that he wanted out.

In the summer Carter would have landed a something better, Babcock would not have drafted Hoffa in a desperate attempt to compete and Iggy would have filled the missing wing.


AJ, nobody save Jack McCloskey had Araujo ranked in the Top 10 either. And yes, it was a horrific moment for a franchise trying to put forward a new face for the public with all the new management. With this pick Babcock was already so discredited that his reputation never recovered.

Your timing is wrong as well. The draft took place in late June, Carter's charity event was in early August. Vince Carter had nothing to do with the Araujo pick (as much as I'd like to blame him for that too).


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