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Raptors are gonna sign P's kid Lil Romeo


Also, what made this moment even more dubious, was the post game show on the Fan where Toronto had the displeasure of Chuck Swirsky and Leo Rautins singing "makem say UUGGGHHH"


Yet another reason not to listen to the radio.


It's getting SAAAAAD...like watching a crack-whore strutt her stuff...used and abused and uncared for...shiiiiiiiit.


i heard he's coming out with a new single, entitled "Uggggggh! Y'all Don't Got Dis Footwork".. written for the Raps, and the producers of Dancing With The Stars.

think about that: his last two credentials are the Raptors, and Dancing With The Stars. OOOWWWEEE!

Management stated afterwards it was a ploy to get Vince out of the spotlight so much. It was an interesting strategy, very outside the box, but it was certainly worth trying if it would have made Vince be less of a wuss.


What and no mention of the press conference P. held to complain about the coaches, the organization and the franchise/city.

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