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I think you should turn this into a book...along with some of your other insightful stuff...
Also, I think we should start a game time drum called The Cavemen...if you have ever been to a drum party you know what I'm talking about...everyone brings a drum or noisemaker and all of a sudden you got a beautiful noise happening...in Brazil (?) they call them batucadas, and if you go to pee-wee games you'll see them...it's pretty awesome...

Great posting, I await with child-like anticipation for each posting...Thank you BB, from the bottom of my heart.


After the Hoffa experience, I want nothing to do with Brazil.


LOL. Poor Hoffa, kind of feel sorry for the kid...I still hold out hope for him, but agree with him being shipped out; the environment here would only have continued to stunt him.
Unfortunately he became the focal point for fan frustration after seeing their franchise player go (VC, thank GOD! HE left) and being left with a shambles of a team (would take way too long to describe all the different reasons why the team was in shambles, but you are pointing out more than a few in your dubious moments).
I still think it would be a great idea (The Cavemen drumming away), I think the idea started in Brazil, but I saw it in Mexico. Ask the two masked ballers (ha!) who write for you once in a while, they will tell you, it really is a blast.


I just read this in the globe...I am now officially over Araujo
"Similarly, the only player the Raptors are known to have had fail a drug test was departed centre Rafael Araujo, who tested positive for the steroid nandrolone -- the same one that tripped up Merriman -- at the 2002 world basketball championship while playing for Brazil."


You can be lucky!!!



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