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amen. a-friggin-men. the last sentence just sums it all up beautifully.


Did Mitchell in fact say something after the Boston benching? Or do you mean he "reminded" by the actual benching itself?

The Blue Baller

After that game in Boston, Samuel L. Mitchell ranted to reporters that the reason he was so pissed at Rafer and Loren Woods for joking around on the bench was that they were both players who were essentially fighting for jobs just a few years ago, and should be more appreciative and respectful.

For Rafer, I can only assume the benching was half as humiliating as being grouped with Loren Woods.


"Provide less defence than a hymen at a gangbang" - you have such a way of painting pictures with words.

The Blue Baller

The alternative was "less defence than a foreskin at a briss".

A toss-up really.

Gerald McRaney


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