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dr. redenbacher, orville

see bosh, chris 2006-2007 season


Before Vince got injured that season, the Raptors were like 8 games above .500. When he got injured they went on huge losing streak. They made a nice run at the end of the season to get into the playoffs but I believe it was during the softer part of their schedule. And they would have likely beaten the Pistons with a healthy Vince in that playoff series.


Larry: Yes, they were 29-21 when Carter went down the first time. They did lose 7 straight without him. However, they went just 1-9 in the 10 games he was back for before getting injured for good. They finished the season 12-2 without him.


And how does Bosh even relate? Bosh only missed 13 games, all in the middle of the season, in 06-07. They went 6-7 without him, 41-28 with him.

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