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been there

you need to a) stop talking like you know a damned thing, and b) stop being such a judgmental hack.

the reason kendra wanted the hell out was because AD was having some after hours practise with a cheerleader.

half the rubbish you wannabe hacks have is lies, spun around in the media by people better than you at hiding the truth.

a fan

We missed you, Kendra.


If you'd like to submit some proof we at The Flagrancy would be more than happy to publish it. Until then, Kendra, you are still one crazy bitch.


I can verify what "Been There" is talking about. I have a source who no longer works for the organisation who told me the exact same thing as this was all unfolding.

Kendra somehow found out that AD was stepping out with a Raptor Girl and promptly pulled that leash tight.

Raptor Girl

That Raptor Girl we are all talking about is the one and only VC.


Please send me an email with...

1. Contact information for your source.
2. The name of the Raptor Girl.
3. The rationality behind getting a trade out of Toronto because your husband is having an affair, especially when AD would have far more leverage in the organization than a Raptor dancer and the fact that affairs can happen in places other than Toronto.

Then we can sort this out.


To add to this B-Huge...

Apparently AD also had leverage in the City of Toronto also. Remember how the Raps braintrust dropped all those illegitimate guns in the streets of T.O. to make us more "U.S." like a few years back?

Also, according to you, he was traded along with the Metric System to the Bulls.

I just read this stuff...trust me, I don't make it up!


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